Safeguarding Your Furry Friends:

The Importance of Microchipping and Kennel Cough Vaccines during the Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, families are bustling with excitement and making plans for festive celebrations. Amidst the joy and merriment, it’s crucial not to overlook the well-being of our furry family members. At Selcourt Veterinary Hospital, we understand the significance of keeping your pets safe and healthy, which is why we’re thrilled to offer a special promotion of 15% off on both microchipping and kennel cough vaccines.

Microchipping: A Lifesaver in Times of Distress

Losing a pet is a heart-wrenching experience, especially during the holiday season when travel and festivities are at their peak. However, with the advanced technology of microchipping, you can provide an extra layer of protection for your beloved companions.

Microchips are tiny devices implanted under your pet’s skin, containing a unique identification number. This number is linked to a national pet registry, ensuring that if your pet ever goes missing, shelters and veterinary clinics can easily scan for the chip and reunite you with your furry friend. The process is quick, virtually painless, and offers peace of mind, making it a small investment with immeasurable returns.

Kennel Cough Vaccine: Guarding Against Holiday Health Hazards

As you prepare for holiday travels or even a staycation, it’s essential to consider your pet’s health, especially in communal environments like boarding kennels. Kennel cough, a highly contagious respiratory infection, can quickly spread in such settings, putting your pet at risk. At Selcourt Veterinary Hospital, we’re offering a 15% discount on kennel cough vaccines to ensure your furry companions are protected during their holiday stays.

Kennel cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, presents symptoms such as a persistent cough, sneezing, and nasal discharge. While it’s typically not life-threatening, the discomfort it causes can dampen your pet’s holiday spirit. Our vaccine provides a proactive defense, reducing the risk of infection and allowing your pet to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

The Perfect Duo for a Happy and Healthy Holiday:

By taking advantage of our special offer on microchipping and kennel cough vaccines, you’re not only investing in your pet’s well-being but also securing their safety during the bustling holiday season. Whether you’re planning a getaway or simply hosting family and friends at home, these preventive measures ensure that your furry family members can partake in the festivities without any worries.

Visit Selcourt Veterinary Hospital Today:

Don’t wait until it’s too late – visit Selcourt Veterinary Hospital and take advantage of our limited-time offer on microchipping and kennel cough vaccines. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to keeping your pets healthy and happy, allowing you to focus on creating lasting memories with your entire family, furry friends included. Schedule an appointment today and give your pets the gift of protection this holiday season.

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